hairykids 100% natural hair and body products for children

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is all we use on our children.

family pack

unscented hairykidsis safe for babies

hairykids natural shampoo for kids hairy kids shampoo makes me have handsome hair



facts about hairykids

*dye free
*fragrance free
*paraben free
*gmo free
*sodium lauryl sulfate free
*essential oil scented
*all natural preservatives
*recyclable bottles
*ph balanced
*fair trade
*not tested on animals
*made in Canada
*an unscented product line anyone can use
*certified highest quality ingredients
*adults can use it too more thing...

you'll love it

"Hello and thanks so much for your products. Your unscented shampoo and conditioner have settled my eczema and bonus...they make my hair look the best it has ever looked. I don't know what I would do without you. Yours are the only hair care products i can use"


y ? because it's all natural

"I'm a woman in my 40's (big Kid) & I just tried your unscented shampoo and I am thrilled.

I've been looking ofr an all natural shampoo that is unscented becaue I am sensitive to fragrance and ven some essential oils.

I have tried many different so called 'natural' products that have striped my hair or left a stick residue. I love the way my hair feels after using your product; it is soft and shiny; Thank you!!!"

~Wendy Morgan, Toronto

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your products. You gave me a free sample at the market this summer and I am going to stock up tomorrow as we have run out. This is all we use on our kids. Thanks!

~Becca from Victoria



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